Websites using Hybris

Websites using Hybris

Get actionable intelligence on 384 online stores using Hybris. We track Hybris customers globally & identify prospecting-worthy Hybris stores for your research, marketing and sales needs.

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384 stores

Download a list of 384 websites that use Hybris:

Store Name Alexa Category Country
Lenovo 607 Books United States of America
AJIO 1,256 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions India
MATCHESFASHION.COM inc 6,662 Men United Kingdom
HORNBACH Baumarkt AG 6,793 Industrial Germany
doTERRA International 7,709 Luggage & Travel Gear,Sports & Outdoors United States of America
BAUHAUS E-Business GmbH & Co. KG 8,511 Scientific Germany
Wickes 12,134 Home,Patio, Lawn & Garden,Patio, Lawn & Garden,Patio, Lawn & Garden United Kingdom
Oakley 19,485 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions United States of America
Linksys 20,522 Books United States of America
Discount Tire 22,514 Automotive,Vehicle United States of America
Spotlight Retail Group 24,114 Home,Patio, Lawn & Garden,Patio, Lawn & Garden,Patio, Lawn & Garden Australia
The Pampered Chef, Ltd. 29,028 Grocery & Gourmet Food United States of America
Belkin 34,138 Books United States of America
West Marine 39,194 Industrial United States of America
Hornbach Brunn 39,617 Industrial Austria

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Get actionable intelligence on 384 online stores using Hybris. We track Hybris customers globally & identify prospecting-worthy Hybris stores for your research, marketing and sales needs.

There are 384 websites that use Hybris. We scan millions of online stores, discover list of Hybris stores, then weed out Hybris stores which are side projects, templates and such to create the final curated list of Hybris stores that are prospecting-worthy.

CartInsight then adds deep intelligence to every Hybris store including traffic data, technology usage data, app install data, physical location filter & a lot more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hybris?

Hybris is a multifunctional e-commerce platform designed to help businesses manage their online sales and marketing activities. Originally a cloud-based solution catering to both B2B and B2C enterprises, Hybris has been integrated into the SAP ecosystem as the SAP Commerce Cloud, part of the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. This platform offers a range of tools for product catalog management, promotions, orders, customer accounts, and other e-commerce aspects, enabling personalized customer interactions and supporting omnichannel strategies.

Who uses Hybris?

Businesses across various sectors utilize Hybris (SAP Commerce Cloud) to streamline their e-commerce and digital marketing efforts. It's favored by companies looking to leverage a robust platform for their online sales channels, including web, mobile, and physical stores, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

How many websites does Hybris have?

While specific numbers fluctuate, Hybris powers a significant portion of e-commerce websites globally, especially among B2B and B2C enterprises. The exact figure can vary over time as new sites launch and existing ones migrate or undergo changes.

What are the top websites using Hybris?

Some of the top websites using Hybris include well-known brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Brita, Aldo, Honeywell, and HTC. These brands rely on Hybris for its comprehensive e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities, facilitating seamless integration of digital and physical consumer interactions.

What industries is Hybris most popular in?

Hybris is popular across a wide array of industries, with a significant presence in retail, manufacturing, and technology sectors. Its flexibility and scalability make it a favored choice for businesses seeking to enhance their e-commerce and customer engagement strategies.

What are some popular alternatives to Hybris?

Popular alternatives to Hybris include Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Oracle ATG Web Commerce. These platforms also offer extensive e-commerce capabilities, catering to different business needs and scales.

What to expect from the Hybris websites list?

The Hybris websites list provides valuable insights into the e-commerce landscape powered by Hybris. It offers comprehensive data on Hybris-powered websites, including their Contact Information, Store Details, Payment Providers, Shipping Providers, Technology stack, and Performance metrics. This information can be invaluable for businesses looking to benchmark their performance, identify competitors, or explore partnership opportunities within the Hybris ecosystem.

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