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CartInsight’s big data platform scans & analyzes millions of ecommerce stores & online sellers to find prospecting-worthy ecommerce leads - you can dramatically improve response rates & grow your customer base faster.

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We know how hard it is to sell to ecommerce stores

Online sellers make up millions of businesses globally who are actively spending on software, tools and services to grow their businesses.

And yet, it is extremely difficult to find online stores worth selling to. The biggest reason is there is too much noise - too many side businesses, test stores, empty online stores with no transactions. And this is what you get when you download lists from other providers.

CartInsight solves this problem like never before. We focus on quality over quantity and deliver an actionable database of online stores which are real businesses with teams that are constantly building their ecommerce business - and buying tools, apps and services that you are selling.

Our big data-powered technology scours millions of online stores across all major cart platforms, weeds out bad stores, test stores, empty shells and all the noise, delivering a clean database of high quality ecommerce leads.

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The secret sauce behind CartInsight

Powered by big data mining & natural language processing, we build the best-in-class data of qualified ecommerce leads with actionable intelligence.

  • We process massive store datasets

    We process massive store datasets…

    We process millions on line stores & gathers a wide range of data & parameters for each of the stores.

  • then apply 100s of rules to curate

    then apply 100s of rules to curate..

    We’ve designed curation rules to discover good prospects, weed out bad stores & leads and a lot more

  • enrich technographic profiles

    enrich technographic profiles…

    For all qualified stores, we append deeper intelligence like technographic profiles, contextual tags etc.

  • to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

    to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

    You get access to a continuously improving actionable database of ecommerce store leads.

Discover qualified leads in minutes

Discover qualified leads in minutes

Boost your conversion rate

Boost your conversion rate

Grow your revenue pipeline

Grow your revenue pipeline

Find Prospecting-worthy Stores

Find Prospecting-worthy Shopify Leads.

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CartInsight tracks millions of online retailers and sellers to identify the best prospects for your products & services. Discover ecommerce stores by carts, industry rankings, tech & a lot more

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CartInsight free?

Yes, CartInsight has a free account that you can start with and then upgrade to a paid account as per your needs.

What is the pricing for CartInsight paid plans?

The pricing for CartInsight ranges between $29 - $399 per month and we also have an enterprise plan for advanced needs.

How accurate is the CartInsight data?

CartInsight data is actively managed and updated by a suite of CartBots - automated programs - as well as a dedicated human review team ensuring the highest level of accuracy of data.

How often is CartInsight data refreshed?

We have a set of continuous update processes that are verifying, updating and enriching ecommerce stores data fields including Alexa ranks, store platforms, email addresses, technographic profiles & a lot more.

Can I download CartInsight data?

Yes, you can create filtered lists based on your needs and download the data as a CSV file.

Does CartInsight integrate with CRM apps?

Yes, we have in-build CRM integration support for Hubspot, Pipedrive and Insightly and are adding new integrations every month.

How is CartInsight different than Builtwith or Datanyze?

Builtwith and Datanyze provide a large list of websites who use a certain ecommerce cart but the data is full of good and bad stores and the noise ratio of their data is too high to be usable. You have to search for ecommerce stores that may be qualified prospects. On the other hand, CartInsight scans all ecommerce stores and qualifies them against a wide range of rules to deliver a highly curated set of prospecting-worthy ecommerce stores - all at a small monthly subscription.

What is the CartInsight data concierge service?

CartInsight data concierge is our human-review team that can prioritize any requests that you may have like need for an updated phone numbers, missing detail on a store, contacts at a particular store etc. You don’t need in-house resources or interns - just request the CartInsight data concierge within the app.

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Trusted by Global Companies

Trusted by Global Companies