The Grommet

87 Elmwood Street,
Somerville, MA, 02144,
United States of America.

Alexa Rank
24808 Alexa Rank

How to reach

+1 617-229-7140

Payment providers used

  • PayPal PayPal

Conversion & analytics tools used

  • GoogleAnalytics GoogleAnalytics
  • NewRelic NewRelic
  • FacebookPixel FacebookPixel
  • BingUniversalEventTracking BingUniversalEventTracking
  • QuantcastMeasurement QuantcastMeasurement

What it does

  • Description:
  • Shop for unique gifts innovative tech gadgets and more The Grommet discovers products everyday by makers worth supporting Explore their stories

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The secret sauce behind CartInsight

Powered by big data mining & natural language processing, we build the best-in-class data of qualified ecommerce leads with actionable intelligence.

We process massive store datasets

We process massive store datasets…

We process millions on line stores & gathers a wide range of data & parameters for each of the stores.

then apply 100s of rules to curate

then apply 100s of rules to curate..

We’ve designed curation rules to discover good prospects, weed out bad stores & leads and a lot more

enrich technographic profiles

enrich technographic profiles…

For all qualified stores, we append deeper intelligence like technographic profiles, contextual tags etc.

to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

You get access to a continuously improving actionable database of ecommerce store leads.