List of Ebay Sellers

List of Ebay Sellers

Get actionable intelligence on 3,917 Ebay sellers - merchants who sell on the Ebay marketplace. We track online sellers across marketplaces and identify prospecting-worthy merchants for your research, marketing and sales needs.

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3,917 stores

Download a list of 3,917 websites that use Ebay sellers:

Store Name Alexa Category Country
Verizon 675 Books United States of America
Delta 766 Home,Tools & Home Improvement United States of America
Sams Club 1,662 Industrial United States of America
Fashion Nova 4,327 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions United States of America
Michaels Stores, Inc. 4,778 Gift Cards,Cell Phones & Accessories United States of America
petco_animal_supplies 6,144 Industrial United States of America
Officeworks 6,156 Books Australia
Colour Pop 6,209 Games,Apps,Movies & TV,Digital Music,Video Games United States of America
Guitar Center Inc 6,266 Books United States of America
1Stdibs.Com Inc 7,302 Industrial United States of America
Spigen Inc 7,579 Books United States of America
Back county 8,880 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions,Clothing,Shoes,Jewellery United States of America
Dillards 9,352 Industrial United States of America
Karen Millen 10,017 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions,Other United States of America
JOMASHOP 10,215 Men,Women,Fashion,Magazine Subscriptions United States of America

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Get actionable intelligence on 3,917 Ebay sellers - merchants who sell on the Ebay marketplace. We track online sellers across marketplaces and identify prospecting-worthy merchants for your research, marketing and sales needs.

We have curated a list of 3,917 Ebay sellers with a 10 steps verification process to identify merchants and stores who sell on Ebay marketplaces. We identify sellers across all categories but weed out the ones where no company information is available. What you get is clean and actionable database of Ebay Sellers who may be apt for your products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top-rated eBay sellers list?

The top-rated eBay sellers list features sellers who have distinguished themselves through exemplary performance standards, superior customer service, and strict adherence to eBay's selling criteria. eBay recognizes these sellers with a "Top Rated Seller" badge, a mark of trust and reliability in the eBay community. Noteworthy among these distinguished sellers are:

  1. Blowitoutahere - Renowned for their diverse selection of media products, including DVDs, Blu-rays, and music CDs, Blowitoutahere has consistently maintained high levels of customer satisfaction and impressive sales volumes.
  2. Evan Fischer Auto Parts (carpartswholesale) - This seller stands out for specializing in automotive parts and accessories, catering to a broad spectrum of vehicle needs with an extensive product inventory.
  3. Chiron_Media_Store (cmedia_group) - With a focus on books, media, and educational materials, Chiron_Media_Store is celebrated for its commitment to quality and service.
  4. burbanksportscards - A haven for sports memorabilia enthusiasts, burbanksportscards boasts a vast collection of sports cards, earning accolades for their extensive range and collector-friendly offerings.
  5. M. Barr Coins (mbarrcoins) - Catering to numismatists, M. Barr Coins offers a wide selection of coins and numismatic items, appealing to collectors in search of rare and valuable pieces.

How many sellers are listed on eBay?

As of 2024, eBay has over 18.3 million sellers actively listing their products on the platform, showcasing the vast and diverse marketplace eBay offers to both buyers and sellers globally. This number highlights the expansive reach and significant engagement on eBay, making it one of the largest e-commerce platforms where individuals and businesses alike can sell a wide array of products.

How do I look up a seller on eBay?

To find a seller on eBay, you can use eBay's website or mobile app. On a PC or Mac, go to, click Advanced next to the search box, then select By seller under the Find items section. Check Only show items from, enter the seller's username, and click Search. On the eBay iPhone app, tap the Search tab, type the seller's name, select Search for user, and tap the seller's name in the search results. This process may vary for the eBay Android app.

Can you see sellers' names on eBay?

Yes, you can see sellers' names on eBay. When you view an item listing, the seller's username is typically displayed somewhere on the page, often under Seller information. By clicking on the username, you can access the seller's profile to see more details, including feedback scores and other items they're selling.

How do I search for a store name on eBay?

To search for a store name on eBay, use the Advanced search feature on eBay's website. Click Find Stores on the left pane of the advanced search tool, enter the store's name, and click Search. This will return results for eBay stores matching your query. Remember, this method only works for sellers with eBay stores.

Do eBay sellers see your email address?

eBay sellers do not directly see your email address. eBay's messaging system allows buyers and sellers to communicate without revealing their personal email addresses to maintain privacy and security. However, after a purchase, if there's a need for direct communication or invoice sending, the seller might access your email through the transaction details.

Is Amazon or Walmart or eBay more popular?

The popularity of Amazon, Walmart, and eBay varies depending on the criteria used, such as number of users, sales volume, or geographic reach. Amazon is often cited as the largest online retailer globally, known for its vast product range and Prime membership benefits. Walmart is a retail giant with a significant online presence and numerous physical stores. eBay is popular for its auction-style listings and diverse marketplace. The most popular platform can differ based on individual shopping preferences and needs.

What to expect from the eBay Sellers list?

Expectations from the eBay Sellers list would include detailed information on eBay sellers, such as seller names, product categories, ratings, and performance metrics. This could be valuable for market research, competitive analysis, and finding potential suppliers or partners. Note that specific features and data availability would depend on's offerings and subscription plans.

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