Shopify Stores In Hong Kong

1,720 Shopify Stores In Hong Kong

Get actionable intelligence on 1,720 online Shopify stores in Hong Kong. We track Shopify customers globally & identify prospecting-worthy Shopify stores for your research, marketing and sales needs.

Company Alexa Email Phone
Grana Group Limited (The Fitting Room) 435058 852-6013 2118
Gb Batteries 442176 852-2420 0281
Smart Regent Limited 628382 852-2915 8018
Usb Killcom 872508 852-8191 4886
New Bee 1533687 +1(626) 701-7623
Jebsen & Co Ltd 1722132 +852 3180 3424
Nordic Lifting 3201756 +1(662) 200-9787
Cellarmaster Wines Hong Kong 6202819 852-6011 6292
Global Clothing Group Limited 8274180 +1(347) 836-9991
Vulken Sports 14021725 +1(661) 339-8753
CustomPhotoWallet 31549676 +1(844) 294-7875
Jovivi 32806226 +1(408) 306-8697
Kmmin 59091010 +1(724) 701-0433
Elepanta 73511913 +1(917) 720-3495
Kickscrew 27776
Trinity Chain (Asia) Limited 103450
Indiegogo Inc 167044
Project E Beauty 194782
freshgo 206805
nam enecklace 221077


There are 1,720 Shopify websites in Hong Kong. We scan millions of online stores, discover Shopify sites in Hong Kong, then weed out Shopify stores which are side projects, templates and such to create the final curated list of prospecting-worthy Shopify leads.

CartInsight then adds deep intelligence to every Shopify store including traffic data, technology usage data, app install data, physical location filter & a lot more.

You can create a free CartInsight account and get access to the full list of Shopify customers in Hong Kong.

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The secret sauce behind CartInsight

  • We process massive store datasets

    We process massive store datasets…

    We process millions of online stores & gather a wide range of data & parameters for each of the stores.

  • then apply 100s of rules to curate

    then apply 100s of rules to curate..

    We’ve designed curation rules to discover good prospects, weed out bad stores & leads and a lot more

  • enrich technographic profiles

    enrich technographic profiles…

    For all qualified stores, we append deeper intelligence like technographic profiles, contextual tags etc.

  • to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

    to deliver actionable ecommerce leads

    You get access to a continuously improving actionable database of ecommerce store leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CartInsight?

CartInsight is the most comprehensive database of ecommerce stores segmented by cart platforms, industry rankings, marketplaces and several other factors.

How big is the CartInsight data?

Currently, CartInsight delivers 733,789 prospecting-worthy online stores with actionable intelligence. And this daily grows and gets better everyday.

How do you maintain the quality of the CartInsight data?

CartInsight is powered by CartBots, our automated engines for continuously validating, updating and refreshing all the data fields that you see here. This is further enriched by our human-review team that is constantly improving the database with primary research.

How much does CartInsight cost?

You can start with a free CartInsight account and upgrade to a paid plan as needed. Our unlimited enterprise plan is designed for larger teams and is priced by team members, dataset used etc.

Can I export the data from CartInsight?

Yes, you have full access to export data from CartInsight in CSV file format. The number of records for export is depending on the plan you are on.

What payment methods do you support?

You can pay for your CartInsight subscription via any major credit card. If needed, we can support and invoice/wire transfer process too.