Devin's Guide to Successful Freelancing

Explore the journey of Devin as he delves into the world of freelancing on Upwork, showcasing the increasing trend of remote work and the essential skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field.

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Key insights

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    Devin is exploring the possibility of starting a side hustle on Upwork, showing the growing trend of freelancing and remote work.
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    Devin's approach to handling versioning issues shows his resourcefulness and adaptability.
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    Devin's persistence and problem-solving skills are evident as he navigates through issues and debugs the code to make it work.


What is Devin and what makes it unique in the field of AI?

Devin is the world's first fully autonomous AI software engineer, distinguished by its ability to perform complex engineering tasks, learn over time, fix mistakes, and collaborate actively with human users. Its capabilities far exceed the current state-of-the-art, making it a groundbreaking development in AI.

How does Devin assist engineering teams and individual engineers?

Devin acts as a tireless and skilled teammate, capable of building projects alongside human engineers or independently completing tasks for review. This allows engineers to focus on more complex and interesting problems, enabling teams to pursue more ambitious goals.

Can you list some of Devin's capabilities?

Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks, use common developer tools, collaborate with users in real-time, learn unfamiliar technologies, build and deploy apps end-to-end, autonomously find and fix bugs, train and fine-tune AI models, and address bugs and feature requests in open source repositories.

What was Devin's performance on the SWE-bench coding benchmark?

Devin achieved a resolution rate of 13.86% on real-world GitHub issues in the SWE-bench benchmark, significantly outperforming the previous state-of-the-art of 1.96%. This was accomplished without assistance, whereas other models were given specific files to edit.

How is Devin contributing to the open-source community and real-world projects?

Devin has demonstrated its ability to contribute to mature production repositories, address bugs and feature requests, and even perform tasks on Upwork, showcasing its practical utility in real-world coding projects and open-source contributions.

Timestamped summary

AI software engineer Devin is a groundbreaking breakthrough in artificial intelligence, capable of building projects, integrating with browsers, debugging errors, reasoning, and solving problems on its own, revolutionizing coding with advanced reasoning and long-term planning.

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    [00:00] Cognition AI introduces Devin, the first AI software engineer, marking a groundbreaking breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
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    [00:34] AI Devin builds projects using the same tools as human software engineers, with its own command line and code editor.
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    [01:03] Devin AI integrates with the browser to pull up API documentation, making it interactive and useful for learning how to plug into different APIs.
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    [01:43] Deon uses debugging print statements to diagnose and fix unexpected errors in the code, a capability that was previously a struggle for the AI.
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    [02:16] AI can reason, gather information, and solve problems on its own, even building and deploying a website with full styling.
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    [02:45] AI has revolutionized coding with advanced reasoning and long-term planning, making GBT 4 a valuable tool.
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    [03:04] Devin AI has made significant progress and is available for real-world tasks, with a 14% improvement already.