Best Dropshipping Products for April 2024: Shopify Sellers Guide

Discover the top dropshipping products for April 2024, including unique items like a dinosaur egg galaxy projector and jewelry cleaning devices, and learn how to capitalize on viral marketing and social media to boost sales.

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Key insights

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    Someone made $20,000 a day selling a specific product, making it a must-try for everyone.
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    The TikTok video of this product went absolutely viral with 25,000 saves and 100,000 likes, showing the power of social media in product promotion.
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    The perfect marketing angle for a cleaning device is to highlight that people never think to clean items like watches and rings, which are constantly transferring viruses and bacteria onto their bodies.
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    Taking a cheap product and targeting a passionate audience can lead to huge sales and engagement.
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    Nicotine's probably got a hold of a massive percentage of our population and a product like this appeals to such a crazy broad market.
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    The makeup brush cleaner is a product that's set to do millions of dollars over the next few months, making it a lucrative opportunity for dropshipping.
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    The marketing angle of "meet your makeup routine new best friend" is a great way to sell a product.
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    Using unboxing style and POV angles in TikTok videos can lead to high engagement and increased sales for dropshipping products.


How can I identify the best dropshipping products for April 2024?

Look for products with high engagement on social media, particularly those that go viral on platforms like TikTok. Items that solve common problems or appeal to passionate niches can also be great choices.

What marketing strategies work best for dropshipping in 2024?

Focusing on viral content, utilizing social media platforms effectively, and creating engaging product demonstrations or unboxings can significantly increase your product's visibility and sales.

Can I really make significant income from dropshipping?

Yes, with the right product selection, marketing strategy, and customer engagement, dropshipping can be highly lucrative, as evidenced by sellers making substantial daily earnings.

Is social media essential for dropshipping success?

Absolutely. Social media not only helps in promoting your products but also in understanding market trends and customer preferences, which are crucial for dropshipping success.

What are some unique products to consider for dropshipping?

Products like jewelry cleaning devices, unique toys, and niche items aimed at specific audiences like makeup enthusiasts or health-conscious individuals can be great options.

How important is video content for selling dropshipping products?

Video content, especially unboxing and POV style videos on platforms like TikTok, can significantly boost engagement and help your products stand out in a crowded market.

Timestamped summary

The top dropshipping products for April 2024 include a dinosaur egg galaxy projector, jewelry cleaning device, unique dog toy, natural solution to quit smoking/vaping, makeup organizers, car attachable trays, and magnetic eyelashes, and it is important to focus on marketing, engagement, and targeting specific audiences for successful sales.

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    [00:00] Dinosaur egg galaxy projector is the top dropshipping product for April 2024, with a free Shopify store builder and product description document available if the video gets over 3,000 likes.
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    [02:22] A viral TikTok video promoting a cleaning device for jewelry and other items, along with a unique dog toy, are suggested as top products to sell in April 2024 for dropshipping on Shopify.
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    [04:52] Sell the $55 product with a massive markup and refresh the marketing for the $3 shower mat, as seen on TikTok with good engagement, and focus on products with great engagement and sales like the "freedom necklace" targeted for a passionate audience.
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    [06:18] Sell natural solution to quit smoking/vaping, consider anti-vaping necklaces and makeup brush cleaner with high perceived value.
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    [08:25] Sell makeup organizers and car attachable trays with strong marketing and visuals, and consider looking up "soda ride" for creative ideas.
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    [10:59] Use separate pages for products, engage with TikTok videos, and focus on marketing angles for makeup cleaner and organizer sales.
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    [12:52] Experiment with different creators for video ads, consider selling magnetic eyelashes, market products with before and after images, focus on high-quality eyelash products with natural-looking reviews for successful dropshipping in April 2024.
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    [15:14] Men can also be a target market for certain products, so be creative and test different marketing angles before giving up on a product.