Welcome to CartInsight

Welcome to CartInsight

We are super happy to introduce you to CartInsight today - it is the culmination of over 10 months of heads-down effort across our engineering and data team and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

CartInsight aims to be your #1 source of high quality ecommerce leads - online stores who are real businesses, growing and looking for new software, new apps, new services and a lot more.

You get access to a constantly improving database of online stores globally with full company information with email addresses and phone numbers - actionable sales intel!

We know how hard it is to sell to ecommerce stores.

The full universe of ecommerce stores is filled with junk stores, test sites, side businesses that are not working, adult content sites and 100s of such cases.

You are left with having to weed through the haystack to find that needle. And then find another one.

And we know how cumbersome it is. And that it is just not going to scale.

So we decided to solve this problem to deliver actionable sales intelligence on 10s of thousands of ecommerce stores so you can do what you are best at - sell!

CartInsight scours through millions of online store websites to weed out the bad stores, the junk stores, the no-one-comes-here stores, the adult content stores and many many more through out smart algorithms. We also have a strong research team that curates the data and creates scenarios for our software to get smarter.

The result is what you see. CartInsight 1.0 - an actionable database of ecommerce leads that is better than anything you have seen. And it is continuing to get better every-single-day.

You can get started with CartInsight with a free account here.

I’d love to hear your feedback and would love to make CartInsight better with a collaborative discussion with our customers - you.

So please let me know any and everything that comes to mind via email at [email protected].


It’s Free to start.

Simply Create a free account today and explore all aspects of CartInsight and use it for all your needs. You can upgrade to unlock more data volume as and when you need it.