Are You a Sales Leader at an eCommerce Development Company? Follow These 8 Sales Tips

Are You a Sales Leader at an eCommerce Development Company? Follow These 8 Sales Tips

Saying that eCommerce is booming would be a gross understatement. In 2019, global eCommerce sales amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars, and it is projected to reach over 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

The industry is flourishing like never before, and online shopping has become the most popular thing for people to do online. In such a scenario, the role played by app development companies in revolutionizing and transforming the eCommerce industry is undeniable.

And as a sales leader at an eCommerce app development company, you play a major part in your organization's excellence. Keeping your roles and responsibilities in mind, here are a few viable sales tips for your work in 2021.

1. Assessing the Potential Market Risks

One of the foremost aspects that need your keen focus is market study. A thorough market study fortifies the business idea for all possible market risks. It will help you know about the necessary market data such as audience behavior, opportunities, expansion possibilities, and the businesses' future.

Reliable data collected through multilayered market studies can drive an eCommerce app in the right direction.

A part of assessing the market conditions is also getting an inkling of your position concerning other apps. Churning out the same products as everyone else wouldn't give you much of an edge.

2. Running a Deep Analysis of the Competitors

The popular saying goes that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well, as a sales leader at any eCommerce platform, you should take this saying to heart.

Running a deep analysis of the competitors will tell you about their methods to approach the market. Maybe you will uncover a few secrets behind their success and the areas they are still trying to work on. Perhaps you may stumble upon their targeted contact list of WooCommerce stores.

As you get to know about your competitors' strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, you can put together the kind of strategy that ensures radical growth of your business.

3. Evaluating App Platforms for the Launch

Sales leaders must subscribe to a clear vision from the beginning about the platform where the app is about to launch. The expectations from the app are also set accordingly.

iOS and Android are the two operating systems to have divided the customer base into two user segments with completely different orientations. Android is the more popular OS worldwide, with over 40% of the OS market share in February 2021.

Thus, if the app will have a global launch only on the Android platform, the numbers that it can potentially rake will be higher than what an iOS app can do.

4. Not an MVP But a Full-Fledged Product

The term MVP is short for a minimum viable product. It refers to a version of the app containing only the necessary features needed to provide the basic services.

Then again, a full-fledged eCommerce mobile application has not only the necessary features but also the added functionalities for enhancing user experience and offering them a convenient shopping experience.

Thus, sales leaders need to emphasize the latter as a viable option to gain an edge over the competition.

5. Having a Prominent Cart Button on the Display

With all of these sales tips, another pointer that you should pay close attention to is the cart button.

The cart must always be visible right from when the customers log in to an eCommerce app. It has to clearly show that the customers have added the products without making them go through the hassle of moving to the cart page once more before continuing their shopping.

Reports suggest that an optimized checkout flow contains 12 form elements and 7 form fields. So, keep in mind that your aim has to be all about minimizing the steps and delivering better shopping experiences.

6. Paying Attention to Secure Payment Gateways

With the internet came the death of a generation that pays with cash. While online payments are far more convenient, it has its drawbacks.

One of the first things that a customer thinks about while shopping online is whether the app will protect their financial information. The rise in security breaches and cybercrimes has made users more cautious, and their concern about security features is completely justifiable.

As such, sales leaders must cater to their customers' needs for secure online transactions in 2021. Focus on incorporating an encrypted and reputable payment gateway that can safely process all the transactions. Some common options are Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, and so on.

7. Discounts and Offers to Drive Engagement

Online shoppers revel in the joys of a good discount, and many leading eCommerce apps are aware of this. As an app development company, it's prudent to make the discounts feature more exciting and engaging for the customers.

Sales leaders should encourage app designers to keep a separate section dedicated solely to lucrative offers and discounts. This feature will make customers venture directly onto that page, which is bound to drive greater conversions.

8. Integration of Interactive Push Notifications

Your target audience is on social media all the time, and so it's natural that that's where they find out about the latest shopping trends. But why let a social media channel have a greater hold on the app's sales than the app itself?

As a sales leader, you need to emphasize taking matters into your own hands and becoming the go-to channel for getting information about news, trends, discount deals, and more. If you keep an interactive push notification in the app, it will help send interesting and insightful updates to the users all day long.

Summing Up

The new decade is upon us, and with that, new eCommerce trends are also coming up. As a sales leader, if you plan to make your company ace past the competition, now is the time to follow these sales tips, pull up your socks, and get to work.

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