8 Proven Shopify Tips to Market Your Shopify App

8 Proven Shopify Tips to Market Your Shopify App

Shopify is an online shopping cart solution and works in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. In other words, Shopify is a platform that online merchants can use to set up their store and sell their products and services. The benefit is that the merchants do not have to invest in an eCommerce store of their own. 

Working with Shopify is so user-friendly that one does not have to be too tech-savvy to design their sites. Shopify stores offer multiple functional features such as various pages to display products, enhanced user experience, and easy payments – all with few simple clicks.

In an attempt to take UX to a different level, Shopify offers hundreds of paid and free Shopify Apps in its App Store. The Shopify App Store is nothing short of a blessing for merchants, with every App addressing the different needs of a business. The different categories of apps include Orders and Shipping, Store Design, and Marketing.

The Significance of Marketing Your Shopify App

Shopify Apps and their downloads contribute significantly to the platform's growth, which is reportedly at a whopping 25.8 million app downloads to date. These apps lend a supporting hand to eCommerce sellers to make their stores better and offer augmented services to their customers. 

Clearly, Shopify App development comes with many benefits, but merely putting it out into the world won't guarantee that you will reach the desired audience. Just like every other product, it is essential to market your Shopify App and promote it in the right manner. 

There are two objectives of marketing your Shopify App.

  • Impact Your Targeted Audience: Your target audience - that is, the eCommerce merchants - need to know that your App exists. Marketing brings your App to the forefront and outlines the benefits it offers to merchants.
  • App Optimization: eCommerce store owners are constantly hunting for Apps that drive sales or achieve their business goals on the Shopify search engine. The right marketing tips help your App rank high when merchants search for apps specific to yours.

8 Valuable Marketing Techniques for Your Shopify App

1. Shopify SEO Tips

Just like the Google search engine, a Shopify search engine exists, too. Simply listing your App on the Shopify App Store won't help you meet your business objectives. Rather, look into optimizing the listing in every possible way for the platform's search engine. 

Here are a few Shopify SEO tips to ensure that your App ranks high. 

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases in the app listing. But avoid keyword stuffing; it does more harm than good.
  • Understand your audience profile and what benefits you aim to deliver through the App.
  • Be honest and abstain from misleading information. 
  • Work on app listing – complete your app listing, make it look professional, avoid using symbols, and keep track of the downloads.

2. Groups and Communities

A helpful Shopify tip is to make use of the community forum to market your App. Through these forums, you can extend help to merchants looking for the specific resolution of issues. The Shopify Forum is an actively growing community and must be used to build trust and credibility by app developers. It is where you can recommend using your App to resolve their issues. 

3. Co-marketing

The Shopify App Store offers as many as 4,000 apps, and the list is growing. In such a competitive space, co-marketing the App to other Shopify partners can boost your growth.

By doing so, you are promoting your App amongst developers who are working actively with merchants in their stores. Once the partners find the App useful, they will surely recommend the same to their clients. 

4. Content Marketing

Delving into the story behind your Shopify App and its development is a good way to get your target audience's attention. In essence, it is an advertising method without direct advertising.

Mention the reason for developing the App, the issues and challenges you faced, your learnings, who helped you through the journey, and how it all materialized. Write blogs, posts and articles actively, give your clients testimonials to read, and let them beta test the App. 

5. Cold Emailing

Email marketing is a massive success in the B2B industry. There is no reason why it will not work in the B2C framework too. To grow your Shopify App, find out the key decision-makers in your target market and write to them. Be precise and concise while ensuring that you tell them the benefit of using your App. Give them the answer to the 'Why' to induce interest.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Involve freelancers to market your Shopify App. Along with involving Shopify Partners, Affiliate Marketing works well because freelancers working with Shopify merchants can refer your App for download. Once it is done, you will need to pay them a small percentage as a commission.

7. Paid Advertising Campaigns

Use Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Campaigns to run ad campaigns on some of the world's leading online channels to create awareness and engagement with your target market, that is, Shopify merchants. You can track results and performance and accordingly tweak the paid campaigns.

8. Shopify App Search Ads

The Search Ads feature on the Shopify App Store shows you how your App is doing on various search parameters so you can tweak your app listing and description accordingly.

People process visuals better than text. Thus, to attract the search engine optimally, opt for visual elements over textual ones. Incorporate HD screens, considerable pixelation, and icons to showcase your App professionally.

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Wrapping Up

If you haven't figured out how to grow your Shopify App yet, try the tips mentioned here to market it impactfully. A robust and power-driven site like CartInsight allows you to search for targeted Shopify sellers who can optimize their business performance using your apps. Reach out and get started on solid leads that will help you achieve your business bottom lines purposefully!

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