10 Success Strategies for Your Growth Marketing Agency

10 Success Strategies for Your Growth Marketing Agency

You've got to be better than just good if you want a bigger slice of the $17.2 billion eCommerce agency industry - and that's just the US market! With more and more companies wanting to make an impact online, there are endless opportunities for you as a growth marketing agency.

You are looking at the twin challenges of retaining your existing clients while acquiring new clients simultaneously. Onboarding new clients and generating high-quality business leads will help you scale up your business.

If you are interested in taking your eCommerce marketing agency to the next level, read on.

How You Can Scale Your Growth Marketing Agency in 2021

1. Capitalize on Your Human Resources

Your key assets remain your human resources, even in the digital age. To get your eCommerce agency noticed, get your employees to be proactive on LinkedIn. You need to encash on the synergies of combining thought leadership and a non-exclusive distribution strategy. 

If you are posting a local SEO article on your website, get your employees to share their thoughts and recommendations on this article on their LinkedIn profile. You expand your reach organically through this approach - plus, your employees get recognition as thought leaders in the industry. Getting professional headshots for your employees on LinkedIn would also work wonders for your employee's confidence. 

2. Free Website Analysis for Prospective Clients

Freebies help you score brownie points with your client and is an effective eCommerce sales strategy. You could send Loom webcam-recorded sessions analyzing the site of responsive leads and provide tips to improve it. The leads are generated through an embeddable audit tool. The client sees a value proposition right away, and the chances of conversion are high.

3. Be Accessible Locally

The strongest brand agency relationships are at the local level, so even if you have a national presence, you need to leverage local SEO through your Magento eCommerce agency for the services provided and location details. Examples of SEO-optimized keywords would be 'digital marketing agency boston' or 'seo agency washington d.c.'

Find out how you can optimize your SEO through Magento, an open-source eCommerce platform, by visiting Magento enterprise stores near you. 

Each city or region would need a separate service page, creating and updating your Google My Business profile. 

4. Get Heard on Podcasts

Forget 'reach' or 'impression' and instead focus on 'time spent' with your prospective client to scale your eCommerce SEO agency. There is greater value in getting fewer prospects to hear your podcast compared to a larger number of people catching a glimpse of your Facebook ad. 

While no instant marketing effort-sales conversion correlation can be established, you gain in the long term. Running a podcast, however, is time-consuming and a high-commitment activity.

5. Let Your Website Generate Leads

Since your website should be a lead-generating tool, consider embedding an audit tool for capturing lead details. Hooking your leads by offering a free website audit is a low-cost eCommerce sales strategy. It only takes a few seconds to generate an audit report; you'll then have a potential client.

6. Get Public Reviews for Your Quality

If you want to give your growth marketing agency the maximum mileage, ask your clients to give feedback about your services on public forums when you start the relationship, not at the end of it. The prospective client could provide feedback about the sales process even if the conversion did not take place. Reviews are a great way to generate credible leads since positive feedback goes a long way in fortifying your brand. 

7. Create a Lead Magnet

If you want to create a niche in the B2B market, create an asset they can't refuse. If your eCommerce marketing agency offers something of relevance to prospective leads like a report or a whitepaper, it acts like a magnet that prompts the leads to share their email id. 

You enable a value exchange - wherein the customer gets a free download, and you get a hot lead. This would be your CTA and help potential customers improve their marketing strategy.

8. Engage in Person With a Local Business

Never underestimate the power of offline networking. Zero in on a local business that has potential and hear them out. Be the bridge for their digital problems and offer customized solutions for them. Remember: connecting with people in person will help you create long-term value for your eCommerce agency.

9. Interact With Influencers in Your Niche

Since forum moderators influence traffic in your industry, you need to interview them to give your eCommerce SEO agency the edge over its peers. You access their followers by accessing them. By getting involved with authority figures in your niche through social media interaction, you establish yourself as a key player in the industry. Potential leads will automatically approach you.

10. Free Audit of Marketing Efforts of Potential Customers

Try the free-to-fee approach with your potential leads to scale your eCommerce agency. Approach them with a free audit of their marketing strategy and point out one or two issues with it. Offer them solutions for these issues if they become a fee-based client and are ready to commit. 

Add a low-hanging fruit like replacing ineffective keywords with strong ones. If this gives your customer better results with their marketing efforts, you've got a client.

Maximize the Potential of Your Growth Marketing Agency

If you want to raise the bar for your growth marketing agency, get in touch with established players like CartInsight. You don't need to cover all the points in your upcoming marketing strategy right away, but you ought to take the first step to see what you can implement. 

Work on engaging your client through your website by offering free audits, and of course, leveraging your most valuable resources, meaning your employees. By creating value propositions for your clients, you stand to give your agency the growth it deserves.

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