Inside: Adobe's $1.68B Magento Acquisition

In light of this amazing development for the ecommerce platform market, we decided to look at Magento and it’s value to Adobe. Is it going to be Adobe’s answer to Salesforce’s Demandware and SAP’s Hybris?
Let’s look at what Adobe got by acquiring Magento.**

How Big are the Bigger Magento Customers

We looked at the largest 5062 Magento stores under with Alexa under 500K to understand how big are the biggest Magento customers. Alexa rank being used to indicate the size.

How many Big Stores run on Magento

We looked at all online stores with Alexa rank 500,000 and lower and what you see below is the percentage of the pie that is owned by Magento & Magento Enterprise platforms.

What’s the split of Magento Community & Magento Enterprise Usage

Here we took all cleansed Magento stores (cleaned by the CartInsight CartBots across 20+ parameters to identify real stores) and split them by Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions. This is to show the percentage of SMB customers that are coming to Adobe along with this purchase.

Adobe Magento vs Salesforce Demandware vs SAP Hybris

We looked at CartInsight’s tracked data for these 3 enterprise-class ecommerce platforms to see how do Adobe, Salesforce and SAP compare after this acquisition. We considered Magento Enterprise customers only for this.

Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise

Did Adobe get the #1 or #2 of Ecommerce Platforms as far as new generation enterprise ecommerce platforms go? Quick comparison of Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise to put things in perspective.

**This data and these charts have been built using CartInsight's data. CartInsight scans millions of online stores to understand what carts, payment providers and other apps are being used by the stores. The data is representative and may not be exactly accurate.