Amazon Sellers: All the Stats You Need to Succeed as a Sales Rep in 2021

Amazon Sellers: All the Stats You Need to Succeed as a Sales Rep in 2021

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic reached into everyone's lives last year and drastically affected the global economy. Despite these challenges, Amazon has managed to come out on top.

From a revenue base of $246 billion in 2017 to a whopping $470 billion in 2021, the leading eCommerce company has clocked sales at a CAGR of 14%.

To succeed as an Amazon seller, you need to know the details behind the numbers in terms of demographics, geography, and so on. Here is all the information you need.

General Statistics About Amazon

Before you become an ace Amazon seller, you need to understand the opportunities it offers and the challenges you are likely to face.Here are some facts about Amazon for you:

Rising Market Share

  • Amazon is only the second company after Apple to cross the $1 trillion market capitalization.
  • It is expected to achieve 39.7% of the US market $302.36 billion by 2021.
  • Its net revenues have gone up from $135 billion in 2016 to $280.52 billion in 2019, generating a CAGR of 20%!
  • At $339 billion, it is third globally in gross merchandise value terms. This metric is important since it measures fees charged and the gross sales of an eCommerce site.
  • Amazon is expected to capture 50% of the US retail eCommerce market in 2021, up from 47% in 2020.

Increasing Product Range

Additional Facts

  • While companies globally were downsizing, Amazon added more than 400,000 people to its 1.2 million-member workforce.
  • Amazon earns 50 cents on every dollar spent online by shoppers.
  • It has a presence in more than 100 countries apart from the United States.

Statistics for Sellers and Users

It is the preferred platform for online sellers and users. Not only will these figures help you understand consumer preferences, but you can also provide numerous product and service options to your customers.

Increasing Traffic

  • Amazon ranks 10th globally in terms of online traffic.
  • The bulk of Amazon users are Americans (62%).
  • Amazon saw 3.1 billion visits through mobile and desktop devices in the second half of 2020.
  • Amazon products are preferred by 89% of Americans.

Chosen Platform

  • When it comes to new product searches, Amazon is at the top of the table with 63% of visits.
  • For product reviews, Amazon is the clear leader, with 79% of visits with social media ranked at the bottom with 7%.
  • It's the preferred choice for checking prices, with 82% using Amazon.
  • The conversion rate for the first product on the Amazon landing page is 26%.

Attracts Both Buyers and Sellers

  • 25% of the 9.7 million sellers on Amazon are active. It's possible for A mazon sellers to clock sales of over $100,000, but reports show that the number of such representatives is under 10%.
  • Price is the biggest draw (62%) for consumers choosing products on this platform, and reviews account for 23% of consumers.
  • 74% of serious buyers choose Amazon.
  • Gen Z and Prime subscribers make the most frequent purchases on Amazon.

Statistics for Amazon Prime

The best way to hook customers is exclusive deals, and Amazon has leveraged this concept with its 'Prime Offering.' Apart from free shipping, customers can look forward to Prime video, jaw-dropping deals on Prime Day, and more.

Soaring Prime Subscriptions

  • Prime Members comprise 65% of the total Amazon customer base.
  • At 82% of the population have a Prime Membership, Amazon has taken over.
  • Renewals for Prime Membership is 93% .

Prime Spending Analysis

  • The average dollar spend for Prime Members is $1400 against $600 by non-Prime members.
  • Most members (83%) prefer the free-two day shipping features.
  • The highest frequency of buying (48%) is found in Prime customers.

Prime Earnings

Subscriptions from Prime in Q3 of 2020 were $6.5 billion, and the reason for the success is its 2-day free shipping offer. It proves Amazon's constant efforts to innovate.

Statistics for Amazon Prime Day

To make the deal sweeter for its Prime Members, Amazon celebrates "Prime Day", an exclusive shopping experience just for the Prime user category. However, it is a limited period offer for 36 hours.

Here are some statistics to confirm the success of this strategy:

  • Sales generated on Amazon Prime Day in 2020 was $10 billion.
  • It was the preferred choice for holiday gifting for 62% of shoppers.

Amazon FBA Statistics

Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is another successful innovation by Amazon. Third-party sellers can provide customers a unique Amazon experience to their customers. This feature is used by 94% of sellers.

Statistics for Amazon Echo and Alexa

Alexa and Echo define convenience, the foundation of Amazon services. The market for smart speakers is dominated by Amazon, with an almost 70% market share. These devices are also facilitating sales.

Statistics for Amazon Web Services

Amazon has leveraged its popularity for eCommerce services and forayed into web services offering cloud infrastructure support. It is the leader in cloud infrastructure services, with AWS controlling 33% of the market combined with an annual growth of 29%.

  • Web Services contribute the most to the share of revenues with $11.601 billion in sales. AWS is the biggest contributor to Amazon's revenues.
  • There are 16 million websites that use AWS worldwide.
  • Amazon tops the list of global cloud services, with a32% market share.

In Closing

You need detailed information about the buying pattern of users to become an ace sales rep at Amazon. You can get features like Amazon Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, and more to give your customers an unforgettable experience.

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