18 Sales Books, Blogs, and Other Resources for the Modern Day Salesperson

18 Sales Books, Blogs, and Other Resources for the Modern Day Salesperson

Convincing someone that sales as a field of profession is cutthroat competition does not require much hard selling. From dingy flea markets to luxurious shopping centers, one can find salespersons vying for more and more customers using different strategies.

In the dog-eat-dog world, only a salesperson who's evolving with time can have the edge over others. And to do that, one must learn and reinvent oneself. Learning doesn't belong to a classroom; it's a lifelong process. 

Whether you're looking to make B2B sales to Amazon sellers or need some sage wisdom for your sales campaigns, this article can help you become a better salesperson. 


1. Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar:

Anyone who's anyone in sales has heard of Zig Ziglar and probably has read this bestseller too. Considered as one of the best sales books of all time, it not only belongs to sales reps but almost anyone, since we all have to sell our ideas. Breaking down selling into a science is a mean feat that this book easily achieves. 

2. SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath:

Keep it Simple; be iNvaluable; always Align and raise Priorities. Pay heed to these 4 tenets, and you'll be selling in a SNAP! Jill Konrath's book is a delectable read which expounds beautifully on this popular selling strategy. 

3. The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy:

If you've wanted to attend a life-changing seminar on sales, look no further. Not a seminar per se, but this book has everything that sales guru Brian Tracy has to offer. With its strategies, real-life examples, and methods, you'll be coached by the best. 

4. Words That Sell by Richard Bayan:

We often forget that words are not just utterances; they have the power to sway, to influence. Ingenious sales and marketing depend a lot on the intelligent use of words that can help you sell more. 

5. DISCOVER: Questions Get You Connected by Deb and Renee Calvert: 

Who knew that asking questions rather than answering them could get you closer to the customer? To get to know someone, you have to ask the right questions, and only after asking the right questions can you provide the customer what they're looking for. 

6. Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer: 

The Little Red Book of Selling is one of the best sales books a salesperson can come across. It takes a different approach than others, emphasizing not on "how to sell", but on "why people buy". Gitomer's 12.5 principles of selling are bound to help any salesman up their game.

7. To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink:

If you're looking for a crash course in modern sales strategies, this book is just what you need. It thrashes and trashes every sales stereotype there ever was and cultivates a whole new perspective with respect to the sales topography. 

8. Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff: 

Pitching an idea, a service, or a product is the key to getting the client interested in the first place. A perfect pitch can land you the sale of your career, and this book talks about all the ingredients needed for the same. 


1. Sales Gravy: 

Host Jeb Blount offers snippets of advice related to negotiation, strategies, and other related topics in this podcast. It is ideal for your dose of learning on the go on account of its short duration (5-10 minutes). 

2. Make It Happen Monday:

Definitely one of the best sales podcasts, Make It Happen Monday is one 45 minute talk that can get you right out of those Monday blues and face any challenge over the week headstrong. 

3. Conversations With Women in Sales: 

Women are underappreciated and unrepresented in almost every field of business. To foster a safe community of female sales reps, Barb Giamanco started this podcast that has become one of the finest in the business over the years.

4. The B2B Growth Show: 

This happens to be one of the best podcasts for sales professionals working in the B2B industry. Selling to a company is a whole new ballgame than selling to an individual, and this podcast caters to the need of B2B salespersons like no other. 


1. LinkedIn Sales Solutions: 

Signing up for the LinkedIn sales blog is probably the smartest decision you'll make. The blog provides you useful information about every trend, every new technique in the market, and it necessary if you want to keep yourself up to date. 

2. CloserIQ: 

With contributions from over 60,000 sales leaders and professionals all over the world, the CloserIQ sales blog is an institution in itself. You can find extensive data and content on probably every aspect of sales in this quintessential resource for sales reps.

3. SaaStr Blog: 

SaaS has turned out to be THE thing in the online business realm in the past few years. The market is deluged with SaaS businesses of almost every kind, and the SaaStr Blog by venture capitalist Jason M. Lemkin is a one-stop-shop for all your SaaS sales needs.

Online Courses

1. Inbound Sales: 

This course expounds on the contents of the Inbound sales strategy, which has proved to be highly successful. From identifying the right potential buyers to arguing your case effectively with presentations, you'll learn everything there is to know about closing sales easily. The course is offered by HubSpot. 

2. Sales Pitch and Closing with Virtual Reality: 

If you're looking for sales resources that can improve your career, try this course on VirtualSpeech. It gives one the chance to use and hone their pitching and closing skills with the use of virtual reality. 

3. B2BPhone Skills Improvement Programme:

This eight-week long online program offered by SalesBuzz will help you work on your client communication, conflict resolution, and engagement skills and will also work on your motivation. The graded exams after every section make this an interactive and intense program that'll help you in the long run. 

In Closing

Today, there is a multitude of sales resources at your disposal that help you become better a better salesperson, and this list is a good place to start. Another reliable resource that can help sales reps generate credible leads is CartInsight. 

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