Top 5 AI Automation Services for Beginners

Discover the top five AI automation services that beginners can offer to kickstart their journey in the AI automation agency space, including insights on the value these services bring to businesses and how to implement them without coding skills.

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Key insights

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    The mentioned AI automation services are not only easy to understand and deliver, but also have high impact and value for clients, making them lucrative opportunities for building a successful AI automation business.
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    The AI automation agency opportunity is huge and it's important to get started now to not miss the boat.
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    The personalized cold Outreach system uses AI to generate personalized messages for businesses, increasing the response rate compared to generic messages.
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    Businesses can increase their conversion rates and maximize their ROI by using personalized messaging systems to engage with leads and cut through the clutter of generic emails.
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    Using AI automation tools like Zapier and GPT can streamline lead generation and outreach by scraping information from LinkedIn profiles and generating personalized messages.
  • Businesses that don't have a system in place to create customized plans can benefit greatly from AI automation services that repurpose existing plans to create new ones quickly.
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    Selling AI automation agency services that streamline client onboarding can be a lucrative business opportunity, as almost every service business needs to onboard clients at some point.
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    Converting the onboarding process into a chatbot using platforms like bot press allows for seamless integration of information capture, invoicing, contract generation, adding to slack channels, creating new Trello boards, and more.


What are the top AI automation services for beginners?

The top AI automation services for beginners include personalized messaging services, lead generation automation, chatbot services for streamlining hiring and training processes, repurposing existing plans for new client strategies, and automating client onboarding processes.

How can AI automation benefit businesses?

AI automation can significantly increase a business's efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, improving lead conversion rates, providing personalized customer interactions, and streamlining onboarding and training processes.

Do I need coding skills to start an AI automation agency?

No, you do not need coding skills to start an AI automation agency. There are tools and platforms available that allow you to implement AI automation services without any coding knowledge.

What tools are recommended for AI automation services?

Tools like Zapier for automating workflows, GPT for generating personalized messages, and platforms like bot press for creating chatbots are highly recommended for delivering AI automation services.

Can AI automation services be customized for any industry?

Yes, AI automation services can be highly customized to suit the specific needs of different industries, making them versatile and valuable across various sectors.

How does AI automation improve client onboarding?

AI automation streamlines the client onboarding process by automating tasks such as information capture, invoicing, contract generation, and integrating new clients into communication and project management tools.

Timestamped Summary

Provide step-by-step instructions on selling AI automation services as a beginner, without coding, and highlight the value it provides to businesses.

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    [00:00] This video provides step-by-step instructions on the five best AI automation services to sell as a beginner, without coding, and includes software recommendations for setting up an AI automation agency, emphasizing the importance and value it provides to businesses, with the speaker sharing their own success story.
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    [02:09] Offer personalized messaging services using AI to help businesses convert more leads into paying customers and increase their conversion and response rates.
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    [04:07] Use Zapier to automate lead generation by pulling information from a lead sheet, scraping LinkedIn profiles, generating personalized outreach messages using GPT, and sending emails to leads.
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    [05:06] Sell AI automation agency services that include a chatbot, customized knowledge base, and content generation system to streamline hiring and training processes, saving time and providing instant access to information for new hires.
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    [06:28] Sell AI automation agency services to industries like nutrition, fitness, and personal finance by repurposing existing plans to create new ones quickly and providing them to clients through a chat bot.
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    [07:45] An AI-powered chatbot can simplify and automate the onboarding process for businesses, replacing human involvement and streamlining tasks like information capture, invoicing, contract generation, and communication.
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    [09:59] Sell an AI chatbot service to Airbnb hosts to handle guest communication, providing 24/7 customer support and potentially increasing guest satisfaction.
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    [11:38] Create a custom chat bot using bot press or stack Ai, deploy it to Whatsapp or Telegram, and sell it as a template to Airbnb owners for support queries and emergencies, or learn how to build AI services and join the AI automation agency community for tips on delivering and selling these services.