A Look at the Top 21 eCommerce Platforms Used By Retailers Worldwide

A Look at the Top 21 eCommerce Platforms Used By Retailers Worldwide

The online world is a safe bet when it comes to selling and growing a business: you only need to pick the right eCommerce platform to set your boat sailing.

Before we move on to the 21 top eCommerce platforms, here are a few must-know facts and figures of the online retail industry.

Significant Benefits of eCommerce Platforms

1. User-Friendly

eCommerce platforms are easy to set up and administer, allowing merchants to start their business within hours. More importantly, such platforms offer easy-to-use features for end-customers and buyers, too.

2. Cheaper Than Setting Your Store

Creating your online store from scratch is an incredible but expensive and time-consuming process. For SMEs and start-ups, it is practically impossible to do so. eCommerce platforms offer a seamless backend that gets your business up and running immediately.

3. 24/7 Customer Support Services

You always have backend support that can be addressed and rectified quickly by the top eCommerce platforms.

4. Security

The big names in the eCommerce field invest heavily in making their framework secure and robust. It means sellers do not have to spend anything from their pocket for security while enjoying the benefits.

5. Downtime Issues

eCommerce platforms have an image. They ensure that your store is functioning optimally at all times. In case of any problem, troubleshooting and resolving are done almost immediately.

21 eCommerce Platforms Used By Top Retailers Worldwide

1. Shopify

This cloud-based eCommerce platform comes with robust features, enabling smooth operations. Shopify powers about 427,676 websites. Few of the top retailers in the world that use Shopify include Hasbro, Heinz, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors, Budweiser, and more.

2. BigCommerce

A top SaaS eCommerce platform, BigCommerce offers enterprise-grade functionalities, a multi-tenant platform, and seamless front-end backend integration and operations. The eCommerce platform powers almost 60,000 websites in more than 120 countries, including big names like Skullcandy, Rollie Nation, YETI, and Woolrich.

3. Magento

Magento is another top-of-the-line eCommerce platform backing almost 170,000 websites and e-stores online. Its intuitive admin interface is backed by a scalable support network, tons of features, and powerful tools. Some of the top Magento stores are The New Craftsmen, Nike, Helly Hansen, and more.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the top eCommerce companies in the USA, packed with optimal features and free plug-ins. Almost 68,000 of the globe websites use WooCommerce. The total merchants include about 3.8 million. The WordPress eCommerce platform powers top brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Vogue India, Katy Perry, and Wolverine Worldwide.

5. 3dCart

3dCart is one of the topmost hosted eCommerce software with various supported plugins that benefit website and online store developers. The platform powers almost 20,000 sites and stores, including FFStock and Beverly Hills Orchid.

6. nopCommerce

The top features of this ASP.NET eCommerce platform include one-for-all and all-for-one modules that are fit for small and big businesses. The free software powers as many as 36,435 websites, with Volvo, Lexus, and Turkish Airlines as some of its top online retailers.

7. Volusion

Volusion offers a robust framework with built-in SEO and marketing tools, allowing stores to access unlimited customer support and integrate with new merchant accounts. The platform powers sites like Kalon Kosmetics, Sesame Street Live, and Rock N Threads.

8. Squarespace

Squarespace is quite a popular platform with its customizable templates and drag-and-drop features. There are about 450,000 live sites, with Cornell Crème, UberEats, Lumio, etc., as some of the top merchants. You can find reliable eCommerce leads on Squarespace via an all-inclusive database.

9. Wix

As a professional platform with varied features to create awesome-looking stores and sites, Wix is a big name in the industry. It powers almost 160 million sites and provides user-friendly solutions to brands like MARBL, Ashley Gallman Williams, Galo Delgado, and more.

10. Weebly

Online blogging, form builders, creating photo galleries, videos, and audio - everything is possible with Weebly. There are about 680,000 sites online, with the top ones being We Talk Money, The Box Bros, and Brand iD.

11. Big Cartel

Another top name in the eCommerce industry is Big Cartel. With about 45,000 websites and businesses on its roster, Big Cartel is on its way to become a leading platform soon. Some of its top brands include 410 BC, Ugmonk, and Lens Bracelet.

12. EKM

EKM is a great platform for beginners and offers excellent support for small and medium-sized businesses. With a robust framework and powerful order processing features, EKM is used by about 80,000 online shops today.

13. Core-Commerce

The platform is characterized by responsive design templates, excellent reporting tools, and secure hosting. It is among the best eCommerce platforms for small and medium businesses, and as many as 13,000 online stores currently use the platform.

14. X-Cart

For multi-channel eCommerce, channel management, and data synchronization, X-cart is the right platform. Some of the top-ranking sites using this platform are Hyatt Guns, RacingJunk, and more.

15. PinnacleCart

Thousands of businesses rely on PinnacleCart's user-friendly platform, including Defender Outdoors and Vet Med Plus. Its easy-to-use admin interface offers website owners the ability to scale their growth and boost revenue.

16. Bluepark

With 30-themed responsive templates, full-site HTTPS support, and intuitive SEO and marketing tools, Bluepark is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the UK today. Some of the brands it supports include Brian May Guitars and Cheeky Wipes.

17. 1&1 IONOS

1&1 IONOS is fast becoming one of the most widely used platforms for top retailers in 2021. The web-hosting company offerssubstantial uptime and good loading speeds, along with free SSL security.

18. Ecwid

Ecwid allows users to easily create online stores powered with digital marketing tools and a mobile responsive design. It features top sites such as Kleanla, The Mocktail Club, Mermaids and Dinosaurs, and more.

19. Shopwired

Shopwired powers 8,500 websites with features like customization, full CMS, and personalized theme designs. The platform boosts the mobile responsiveness of many online stores, thereby providing a higher return on investment for many SMEs.

20. 123Reg

Another top eCommerce platform is 123Reg, a UK-based web hosting and domain registering company. It offers merchants a vast selection of online tools and other resources to help them get in the eyes of the public.

21. Amazon Business

A cloud-based product, Amazon Web Services is the ultimate platform for merchants to power their websites and e-stores. Top business deals, free shipping, customized quotes, and bulk discounts are some of its vital features.

In Closing

These were some of the best eCommerce platforms that top retailers in the US use to significantly boost their sales and outreach. They offer round-the-clock support, user-friendly design, template customization, and various on-site tools that enable sites and brands to establish a strong position in the market.

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